Athlone Road, Ferbane, Co. Offaly, Ireland.
Call: 090 645 3888
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About Ferbane totalhealth pharmacy

About us

Ferbane totalhealth Pharmacy, Co.Offaly

In 2015, Ferbane Pharmacy joined the totalhealth Pharmacy brand to become Ferbane totalhealth Pharmacy. The store was re-fitted and designed to include all aspects of the totalhealth brand. This totalhealth rebrand means that the pharmacy is now part of a larger national network while still retaining its independence. Our partnership with totalhealth pharmacy has enabled us to deliver the highest standards of professional service, the best range of products at the best value and optimum customer service. We offer a very personal service to our customers with a friendly welcome and expert knowledge. We support the old fashioned values of listening to our customer and always willing to go the extra mile to help.

Our Community

The local community is always at the center of everything Ferbane totalhealth Pharmacy does and has built strong links with the community it serves providing work experience programme for local schools, participation in local charity events, elder care in the community, supporting local sports clubs and always an “open door policy” to support any requests of local groups.

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